Our Flavors

While we are operating with a carryout window service, we will make sure the flavors section is up-to-date as long as supplies last.


Chubby Cherry


Black Raspberry

Coconut Joy

Peanut Butter Ripple

Local Coffee

Magee Farms Strawberry

Gravel Road

Trail Mix


Cookies & Cream

Butter Pecan

Mint Chip

Goin' Bananas

Secret Stache

Blue ribbon vanilla

Subtle vanilla & cherry ice cream with bits of sweet, dark cherries

Our take on your favorite nut ice cream

Natural black raspberry flavored ice cream with dark chocolate inclusions

Coconut ice cream with fresh toasted coconut flakes and mini chocolate chips

Vanilla ice cream with a smooth peanut butter swirl

Coffee ice cream made with locally roasted coffee beans with a decadent fudge ripple

Freshly picked strawberries from the local Magee Farms 

Creamy chocolate ice cream with chunks of mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips and graham cracker

M&M ice cream with an explosion of pistachios, peanuts, almonds, M&Ms and cherries

Money back guarantee chocolate ice cream

Oreo ice cream with Oreo cookie 

Sweet cream ice cream with freshly toasted pecans

Naturally flavored green mint ice cream with mini chocolate chips

Freshly peeled banana ice cream

"I mustache you if you like ice cream?" 

-Come in to discover what our secret selection holds! 

-$7.00 pints only


Some items may not be available year round

- Cake Cones

- Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

- Waffle Cones

- Ice Cream Pies


-Orders must be in by Monday for Friday pickup

- Milk Shakes



35287 Atlantic Ave, Millville, DE 19967




Tel: 302.539.1548




Monday: 11am-10pm

Tuesday: 11am-10pm

Wednesday: 11am-10pm

Thursday: 11am-10pm

Friday: 11am-10pm

Saturday: 11am-10pm

Sunday: 11am-10pm

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