Fresh n' Tasty!

The fun of making ice cream is having a delicious idea and then scooping that onto a cone.  At Agape Creamery, we want you to "taste the love". We strive to use homemade baked good inclusions and source the freshest, local ingredients for all of our creations.  Our small batch flavors represent our creativity and desire to serve what we love making.  While we are operating as a drive thru only, we will make sure the flavors are up-to-date. 


Fresh Ingredients Make the Best Ice Cream

This isn't our first rodeo when it comes to sweet treats.  Many years ago we owned and operated, Just Desserts, in the building next to The Millville Boardwalk.  Pies, cookies, and confections were handmade from scratch.   No corners were cut and that is what kept people coming back.


We are pouring that same love and energy into Agape Creamery ice cream.  We are using those bakery recipes and the same work ethic to help shape our ice cream flavors.  Come stop by the Millville Boardwalk and taste the love.

Get your Ice Cream to go


Call us during regular business hours at 302-539-1548 and have your flavors, sizes, vehicle model and credit card payment ready.  Check out our flavors before you call HERE.   


Single: $3.50  Double: $5.50  Triple: $7.00

Pints: $6.00 (was $7.50)  Quarts: $10.00 (was $13.50)  

Extras on the side:

Waffle Cone: $2.00  Cookie: $1.00  Cake Cone: Free

When you arrive for pick up, pull into one of our numbered curbside spots and call us to bring out your order.  It is as easy as that to get the best ice cream while maintaining safe social distancing.




Ice cream goodies

How can you make ice cream better?

Snuggle it between two delicious cookies.  Lick it out of a homemade waffle cone.  Make it into a magical pie.  There are a number of ways and we are exploring them all.




35287 Atlantic Ave, Millville, DE 19967


Tel: 302.539.1548



Monday: 2pm-9pm

Tuesday: 2pm-9pm

Wednesday: 2pm-9pm

Thursday: 2pm-9pm

Friday: 2pm-9pm

Saturday: 12pm-9pm

Sunday: 12pm-9pm

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